What is 3 Books?
3 Books is a fun new competition to find the best book recommendations on instagram.
Book Recommendations
The one thing we love besides reading, is knowing what books to read.

But there are so many book recommendations out there it's hard to know which ones to read.
The Competition
Well this competition will make things quick and easy to find the best book recommendations by ranking them by how many likes they receive on the official PPS instagram page.
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How to Enter
The competition is easy to enter, simply choose 3 books that you can group together under a headline like

"3 books that you must read this year"
"3 books that will touch your soul"

Then write a short description of each book and submit your entry below.
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What's in it for me?
As a book blogger by submitting your book recommendations to the 3 book competition you will gain huge exposure for your own instagram account and reach 100's of thousands of new book lovers eager to hear more from you which will help you grow your own account.
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The Leaderboard

If your post does really well you might make it into the Top 5, or even make it to No.1!!

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