How do I create my instagram posts?
Well, I'm glad you asked and like most things in life it's more about the idea than the execution. You see creating my posts is quite simple really. I grab my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and write on the Procreate app. The hard part is actually thinking of the idea in the first place.

"It's all about books....of course!"
You see ideas have to come from somewhere, and ideas are very rarely completely original. They are just a new way of thinking about an idea that has already been created. Austin Kleon in his brilliant book Steal Like An Artist describes this perfectly. You will eventually find your own style by first trying to imitate your heroes. As time passes and the more you practice your style will reveal itself as my style has now evolved a look of it's own.

So, where do I look for inspiration? Well everywhere pretty much. I am constantly searching instagram for ideas and follow a lot of instagram poets as this relatively new genre is great for short snappy ideas for quotes. I also read a lot of books about how ideas spread online. One of my all time favourite books and probably the one that has helped me grow my instagram account the most is Contagious by Jonah Berger. In this book Jonah explains the 7 factors that help ideas to spread. If you are interested in growing your own audience on instagram Chris Do also has lots of ideas to help you grow. You can follow him on instagram @thechrisdo

I love talking about instagram and how to grow on the platform so if you would like to talk more about the subject, dm me on instagram or contact me below.
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